J. Chrys Dougherty Legal Services Award

The Dougherty Award is a joint award of the State Bar of Texas and the Texas Bar Foundation that recognizes an outstanding legal services staff attorney.

The award is named for the late J. Chrys Dougherty, a private attorney and Bar leader, whose efforts helped to build a strong working partnership between the State Bar of Texas and legal services providers. The award includes a $1,500 stipend funded by the Texas Bar Foundation and is supplemented by a contribution from Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody.

To submit nominations for the J. Chrys Dougherty Legal Services Award, please contact the State Bar of Texas.


J. Chrys Dougherty Legal Services Award

1992 Fred Fuchs, Austin

1993 James C. Harrington, Austin

1994 Nicolas Serna, Belton

1995 Josephine Dye, Dallas

1996 Dwight Moore, Fort Worth

1997 Jonathan Vickery, Dallas

1998 Raymond L. Gill, San Juan

1999 Magali S. Candler, Houston

2000 Mario Caballero, Houston

2001 Bruce P. Bower, Austin

2002 ileta Sumner, San Antonio

2003 Roger L. Gette, Dallas

2004 Susan F. Zinn, San Antonio

2005 William K. Kimble, Waco

2006 Veronica F. Jacobs, Houston

2007 Richard LaVallo, Austin


2009 Scott Medlock, Austin

2010 Wafa Abdin, Houston

2011 Brian East, Austin

2012 Julie Balovich, Alpine

2013 Meredith Linsky, Harlinge

2014 Andrea Marsh, Austin

2015 Rebecca Lightsey, Austin

2016 Efren C. Olivares, Alamo

2017 Merrit Klapperich, Fort Worth

2018 Aimee Maldonado, Houston

2019 William Holston, Dallas

2020 Lindsay Kinzie, Fort Worth