Texas Bar Foundation Board of Trustees

A total of four Board of Trustee members, three attorneys and one public member, are appointed by the State Bar of Texas President to serve a three year term. Additionally, up to three attorneys of the Texas Bar Foundation are chosen and appointed by the Foundation Board annually to serve a three year term. Additional liaisons to the Board of Trustees include a member of the State Bar of Texas Board of Directors, the Texas Young Lawyers Association President, and the Chair of the State Bar of Texas Judicial Section. Fellows officers are chosen and elected by the Texas Bar Foundation Fellows.

2022-2023 Board of Trustees

Natalie Cobb Koehler
David W. Lauritzen
Jennifer Evans Morris
Gary L. Nickelson
*Gail Plummer
Deborah J. Race
Gregory W. Sampson
Scott W. Sherwood
James W. Wester
David N. Calvillo, State Bar of Texas Liaison
Michael J. Ritter, Texas Young Lawyers Association Liaison
Judge Melody Wilkinson, Judicial Liaison

2022-2023 Fellows Officers

Audrey Mullert Vicknair, Chair
Patrick Keel, Chair-elect
Sara E. Dysart, Secretary
Carlos Eduardo Cárdenas, Past Chair

* Public Member

Past Chairs of the Board of Trustees (PDF)
Past Chairs of the Fellows (PDF)

2021-2022 Board of Trustees


Top Row: Scott Sherwood, Jarrod Foerster, Joe Escobedo, Christy Amuny, Patrick Keel, Carlos Eduardo Cárdenas, Greg Sampson, Geff Anderson, Mark Shank, Steve Benesh, David Lauritzen

Bottom Row: Andrea Stone, Diana Geis, Melanie Bragg, Kenda Culpepper, Shannon Dacus, Barrett Thomas, Jeanine Rispoli, Alistair B. Dawson, Wendy Burgower, Andy Kerr, Estrella Escobar, Rebekah Steely Brooker, June Deadrick, Jennifer Chiang, Roger Key, Sylvia Cardona, Judge Elisabeth Earle

Not Pictured: Alexandra Farias-Sorrels, Warren Harris, Jennifer Evans Morris, Gary Nickelson, Audrey Vicknair

John D. “Jack” Swallow
Receives The Texas Bar Foundation Life Patron Recognition

Shannon Dacus Presents Life Patron Award to Jack Swallow

John D. “Jack” Swallow was presented the Texas Bar Foundation Life Patron recognition by Shannon Dacus, Chair of the Board of Trustees, at the Board of Trustees meeting on April 23, 2021.

Per our foundation bylaws:

The Foundation Board may recognize persons, including individuals, firms, corporations, and other entities, who, whether or not members of the State Bar of Texas, (a) provide financial support to the Foundation, or (b) render services of a significant nature to the Foundation or to the public on behalf of the law and the cause of justice.