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1) Submit the completed downloadable PDF form.

2) Include the nominee’s resume when submitting your completed form.

3) Attach no fewer than three and no more than five letters of support. Please do not submit bound materials or folders.

4) *Please note there are special instructions for the Outstanding Law Review Article Award.*

Below are the Awards currently accepting Nominations:

  1. ☆ Dan Rugeley Price Memorial Award
  2. ☆ Lola Wright Foundaton Award
  3. ☆ Outstanding 50 Year Lawyer Award
  4. ☆ Ronald D. Secrest Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award
  5. ☆ Samuel Pessarra Outstanding Jurist Award
  6. ☆ Gregory S. Coleman Outstanding Appellate Lawyer Award
  7. ☆ Terry Lee Grantham Memorial Award
  8. ☆ *Outstanding Law Review Artcle