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When Sending electronically, please send one PDF containing:

1) The completed downloadable PDF nomination form.

2) The nominee’s resume.

3) No fewer than three and no more than five letters of support.

4) *Please note there are special instructions for the Outstanding Law Review Article Award.*

Please do not submit bound materials or folders.

Below are the Awards currently accepting Nominations:

  1. ☆ Dan Rugeley Price Memorial Award
  2. ☆ Lola Wright Foundaton Award
  3. ☆ Outstanding 50 Year Lawyer Award
  4. ☆ Ronald D. Secrest Outstanding Trial Lawyer Award
  5. ☆ Samuel Pessarra Outstanding Jurist Award
  6. ☆ Gregory S. Coleman Outstanding Appellate Lawyer Award
  7. ☆ Terry Lee Grantham Memorial Award
  8. ☆ *Outstanding Law Review Artcle