We are the largest charitably funded bar foundation in the nation.

Membership is composed of Texas attorneys dedicated to the law and to the cause of justice, of high professional standing. The Foundation’s members are nominated because of their dedication to the administration of justice and high professional standing among their peers.

Our Founding

In 1965, 255 attorneys pledged to contribute to the newly formed Foundation, thus becoming the Charter Members of the Texas Bar Foundation.

Since inception, the trustees of the Texas Bar Foundation have awarded more than $25 million in grants to charitable organizations across Texas. Grants are made possible by the generosity of the Fellows and charitable gifts from individuals and law firms across the state. The Texas Bar Foundation and its members are committed to our mission…Advancing Justice in Texas…by providing opportunities to support the rule of law in Texas.

1965 Founding Members
Awards and Grants
Organizations Helped

Our Mission

The Texas Bar Foundation solicits charitable contributions and provides funding to enhance the rule of law and the system of justice in Texas, especially for programs that relate to legal assistance for the underserved, the administration of justice, ethics in the legal profession, the encouragement of legal research, publications and forums, and education of the third branch of government.