Grantee's Stories

Project Recover

In October 2020 the Texas Bar Foundation awarded the County of Hidalgo $25,000 to help implement Project Recover which provides court ordered high school credit recovery program, virtual tutoring services, social and emotional development and job search facilitation. In October 2021 the Texas Bar Foundation awarded a second $25,000 to expand the program.

“The intent of the program is to assist those in the criminal justice system to have an avenue for completing their high school diploma in order to increase their ability to become employed and become productive citizens” said Noe Gonzalez, Local Administrative State District Judge.

In addition to the high school credit recovery, the program will provide life skills coaching, resume writing training, as well as job search facilitation. Gonzalez explained.

Project Recover will accept 30 participants who meet the criteria set forth by the Texas Bar Foundation and the Hidalgo County Board of State District Judges in their competitive grant application. Classes will be held online and will provide tutors for those who need additional instruction. ~ Texas Border Business

Success using Project Recover has been dramatic and heart warming. Eric Garza and JulioCesar Rodriguez are but two examples of the quality and necessary work being done by the Texas Bar Foundation and the grantees receiving funding, such as Project Recover.