Grantee's Stories

Methodist Justice Ministries

The unprecedented actions to stop the spread of COVID-19 left many of our families in need of social services and financial assistance. MJM experienced a 30% increase for request for legal representation, from families with nowhere else to turn for help. Despite closings and learning to utilize technology, our team rose to the demand and filed 139 cases last year, another all-time high for our small, but mighty legal practice. Sadly, there were 21 women who lost their lives at the hands of a loved one during this time too.

MJM is tackling these cases, some of the most cruel and devastating stories that we have ever witnessed, and working to file protective orders and other family law filings to ensure the safety of these children and women. We are still filing a record number of cases but the severity of the cases are requiring more time, research, and motions to ensure that we free them from this abuse. This is coupled with the ongoing aftermath of the pandemic economic stresses.

MJM Success Story | Video: 2 Minutes 54 Seconds


We are still facing the impact of the pandemic and the request for help remains at an all-time high, as many of our families work schedules have been severely reduced, others are expecting layoffs, and they lack childcare for the hours they are working. These closures and reduced work hours will severely diminish their ability to pay rent and buy food. Sadly, we also expect new cases that will be reported during this stressful time resulting in even more request to help protect women and children.

Our courts are open, but there is a back log of cases and as we work through those we are continuing to serve new clients with the hope that we can help as many people as possible during 2021. With your help, we are able to continue to take on new cases and have the ability to pay these court fees that are a part of representing our clients.

~ Methodist Justice Ministries – Indigent Women and Children