Outstanding Law Review Article Award

The Outstanding Law Review Article Award honors a law review published by one of the Texas law schools.


An award to be presented to a law review in Texas for the outstanding article, including symposia articles, dueling articles, comment, or other writings in law reviews published in Texas during the year preceding the award, relating to the legal profession, the practice of law, or substantive law as applied to the practice of law; its regulation, discipline, availability; its improvement or advancement; its future or past. A memento will be presented to the authors, lawyer or non lawyer, of the outstanding article. One thousand dollars will be paid to the scholarship fund of the law school that published the Outstanding Law Review Article, and an appropriate memento will be presented to the authors. Any formal presentation of the award may take place at a time and place other than during the Fellows Annual Meeting and Dinner.

Recipients of the Outstanding Law Review Article Award

1977 Houston Law Review

1978 Southwestern Law Journal

1979 Texas Tech Law Review

1980 St. Mary’s Law Journal

1981 St. Mary’s Lay Journal

1982 Baylor Law Review

1983 Texas Tech Law Review

1984 Baylor Law Review

1985 Texas Tech Law Review

1986 St. Mary’s Law Journal

1987 Baylor Law Review

1988 Southwestern Law Journal

1989 Texas Law Review

1990 Texas International Law Journal

1991 Texas Tech Law Review

1992 Texas Law Review

1993 South Texas Law Review

1994 Texas Tech Law Review

1995 Baylor Law Review

1996 SMU Law Review

1997 St. Mary’s Law Journal

1998 Houston Law Review

1999 St. Mary’s Law Journal

2000 Houston Law Review

2001 SMU Law Review

2002 Texas Tech Law Review

2003 No Recipient

2004 Texas Law Review

2005 Baylor Law Review

2006 Texas Wesleyan Law Review

2007 South Texas Law Review

2008 Texas Tech Law Review

2009 University of Texas Review of Litigation

2010 Texas Tech University School of Law – Estate Planning & Community Law Journal

2011 Houston Law Review

2012 SMU Science and Technology Law Review

2013 The Review of Litigation

2014 Texas Tech Law Review

2015 St. Mary’s Law Journal

2016 “Retaining, Obtaining, and Sustaining Basis” in Texas Tech University School of Law – Estate Planning & Community Law Journal

2017 “The Truth Might Set You Free: How the Michael Morton Act Could Fundamentally Change Texas Criminal Discovery, or Not” – Texas Tech Law Review

2018 “Do You Believe in Magic? Self-Determination and Procedural Justice Meet Inequality in Court-Connected Mediation” – SMU Law Review ADR Symposium

2019 “Legal Malpractice in Texas” – Baylor Law Review

2020 "The Killing of Community Property" - Texas Tech Estate Planning and Community Property Law Journal

2021 "Unclaimed Treasure: Greater Rule-Of-Law Benefits for the Taking in Texas" - University of Houston Law Center

2022 "Resolving the Anders Dilemmas: How & Why Texas Should Abandon the Anders Procedure" - St. Mary's Journal of Legal Malpractice & Ethics

2023 "Judge by the (Digital) Company You Keep: Maintaining Judicial Ethics in an Age of Likes, Shares and Follows" - St. Mary's Journal of Legal Malpractice & Ethics