Gregory S. Coleman Outstanding Appellate Lawyer Award

The Gregory S. Coleman Outstanding Appellate Lawyer Award was established in 2011 in honor and memory of Gregory S. Coleman. The award celebrates the high ideals and standards that Greg demonstrated in his appellate practice and personal life.

As a living tribute to Greg’s life, a $10,000 unrestricted gift will be made annually to the Texas Bar Foundation for grants relating to access to justice initiatives, civic education concerning the law, victim services, the welfare of children, and judicial education.


The recipient should exhibit an outstanding appellate practice while maintaining a strong commitment to providing legal services for the underserved. Dedication to mentoring young attorneys should be evident as well as a strong moral compass to guide both professional and personal pursuits.

Recipients of the Gregory S. Coleman Outstanding Appellate Lawyer Award

2012 David Keltner, Fort Worth

2013 Douglas W. Alexander, Austin

2014 Timothy Crooks, Houston

2015 Mike A. Hatchell, Austin

2016 Nina Cortell, Dallas

2017 Warren W. Harris, Houston

2018 Allyson N. Ho, Dallas

2019 Lynne Liberato, Houston

2020 Reagan W. Simpson, Houston

2021 Marcy Hogan Greer, Austin

2022 Macey Reasoner Stokes, Houston

2023 Kevin Dubose, Houston