Dan Rugeley Price Memorial Award

The Dan Rugeley Price Memorial Award was established by friends and family and endowed through the Texas Bar Foundation in June 1996. The award is given in memory of Dan Price who practiced law in Austin, Texas, and who passed away in January 1994.

As a living tribute to Dan’s life and work in the practice of law, an award is made annually to an outstanding Texas lawyer. The recipient names a Texas law school to receive the $1,000 cash portion of the award for a law student scholarship.

The award celebrates Dan’s life as an outstanding lawyer who devoted himself completely to any task he undertook. The recipient exemplifies the qualities of an accomplished legal writer and researcher, a talented and dedicated practicing lawyer, a servant of the profession as a volunteer and an advocate on its behalf. The recipient exhibits an unreserved commitment to clients and to the practice of our profession, and it demonstrates dedication to the Bar and service to the public with the same commitment, dedication and zeal which defined Dan Price’s life and work.


Recipient to be an outstanding practitioner, dedicated to the Bar and the public.

Recipients of the Dan Rugeley Price Memorial Award

1996 William B. Hilgers, Austin

1997 Frumencio Reyes, Jr., Houston

1998 Burta Rhoads Raborn, Houston

1999 Ralph H. Brock, Lubbock

2000 ileta Sumner, San Antonio

2001 Richard J. Clarkson, Beaumont

2002 David Keltner, Fort Worth

2003 Al Ellis, Dallas

2004 Charles W. Schwartz, Houston

2005 William J. Chriss, Corpus Christi

2006 Debra L. Baker, Houston

2007 James E. ‘Jimmy’ Brill, Houston

2008 William D. Elliott, Dallas

2009 George Coleman, Dallas

2010 Paul N. Gold, Houston

2011 Mark D. White, Amarillo

2012 Kelly Frels, Houston

2013 John G. Browning, Dallas

2014 Richard R. Orsinger, San Antonio

2015 Byron F. Egan, Dallas

2016 Chad Baruch, Dallas

2017 Robin Russell, Houston

2018 Mark A. Shank, Dallas

2019 Claude E. Ducloux, Austin

2020 Neal W. Adams, Grapevine

2021 Billie J. Ellis, Jr., Dallas

2022 Talmage Boston, Dallas

2023 Quentin Brogdon, Dallas

2024 Gary L. Nickelson, Fort Worth